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Straight from the heart of Perugina® and fruit of the art of Master chocolatiers, Perugina® has been associated with the tradition of quality chocolate making for more than one century. The secret of this success lies in the loving care with which new flavours and combinations are experimented every day to offer innovative and absolutely irresistible products of superb quality. From the selection of cacao to the production of chocolate, each process is handled with the same skill and experience to guarantee the utmost excellence. This is because, in the eyes of Perugina®, chocolate stands for love and creativity, two of the ingredients encapsulated in each of its products.  It does so with great dedication, in the choice of cocoa , in the selection of raw materials , in the realization of the chocolate. The result? A product of excellence , just like the recipe began as the vision of Luisa Spagnoli, a founder of Perugina ® and creator of a unique chocolate and brand equity.